View the Medway SCB Procedures
View the Medway SCB Procedures
View the Medway SCB ProceduresView the Medway SCB Procedures

7.24 Adoption Forms and Template Letters

The following is a list of adoption forms and templates. At present this list is not linked to downloadable copies of the documents listed but this development is being considered for inclusion in the next edition of this manual

To be signed by social work staff and admin staff when adoption case opened; observers to the Adoption and Permanence Panel and Adoption and Permanence Panel members

001 Confidential Adoption Information - Form of Undertaking
002 Authorisation for access to confidential adoption information

Placement of Children for Adoption Action: Caseworker for child when adoption is the plan

003 Information for Birth Parents about Adoption
004 Confirmation of Receipt
005 Disclosure of Information - Birth Parent
006 Consent to Medical Treatment and examination
006a BAAF form
007 Request for Medical Form M (Accommodated child)
008 Request for Medical Form M (Children and Families Teams
008a BAAF Forms M&B
009 Letter to CHC requesting Pre-Adoptive medical
010 Initial/Review Health and Developmental Assessment of Child
011 Obsolete
012 Obsolete

Agency Adopters Action: Adoption Social Worker

013 Information for People wishing to Adopt
014 Confirmation of Receipt
015 Working Agreement for Assessment
016 Consent to references: statutory and personal
016a Consent to references: single applicant
016b Authorisation for references
017 Letter to Referee
018 Employer reference
019 Form - Consent to bank enquiries
019a Form - Consent to building society enquiries
020 Letter - Bank reference
021 Letter - Building Society reference
022 Letter - Landlord reference
022a Consent to Enquiry from Landlord
023 Reference Form
023a Form - Consent to accountant enquiry (self-employed)
023b Letter - Accountant reference
024 Letter - School reference
024a Letter to Counsellor
025 Letter - Health visitor reference
026 Letter - Out of Medway SSD check
027 Obsolete
028 Consent to medicals
029 Checklist - File reference
029a Reference Checklist
029b Assessment of Adopters Checklist
029c Case File Audit Form
030 Letter - Request to GP for Form AH
031 Letter - Request to GP for medical update
031a Letter to Adopters (enc AH2)
032 Letter - to adopters to make appointment for medicals
033 Letter - Request to Medway medical adviser, enc completed AH
034 Letter - Request to Medway medical adviser, enc completed AH
  Health and Safety Checklist

Action: Caseworker for the child

035-050 Adoption Allowance Forms
051 Obsolete
052 Obsolete

Adoption and Permanence Panel

Statutory letters after Panel - Action: Panel Admin/Agency Decision maker

053 Letter to birth parent regarding adoption decision prior to court proceedings
  Further template letter to birth parents and prospective adopters

Action: caseworker for the child on placement

061 Notice of Placement
062 Notice of Adoption Order Granted
063 Letter to Health Authority
064 Letter to present GP
065 Letter to new GP
066 Letter to present health visitor
067 Letter to new health visitor
068 Letter to new Consultant Community Paediatrician
069 Letter to Medway Medical Adviser
070 Letter to Director of Social Services in new Area
071 Letter to present school in Medway
072 Letter to present Area Education Office
073 Letter to new Area Education Office
074 Letter to child's new school
075 Agreement when a child is placed for adoption

Action: caseworker for child and Team Manager

076 Obsolete - replaced by Adoption Placement Plan
076a Obsolete

Action: caseworker for child

077 Guidelines on child's background letter
078 Guidance in respect of payment of legal costs
079 Notice to Benefits Agency confirming adoption
080 Notice of intention to adopt

Action: Agency Decision Maker

081 Letter to Medway adoptive parents on granting of Adoption Order

Adoption Support

Action: Caseworker for child:

082 Addition to Form E - Post Adoption Contact

Action: Adoption Social Worker:

083 Form - open contact
084 Guidance for work on contact with birth family - see adoption support procedures
085 Birth/adopters family agreement form
086 Contact details to be attached to inside front cover of Contact file

Inter-country Adopters

Action: Adoption Manager see Sue

087 Inter-Country Adoption Contract letter
088 Inter-Country Adopters form of undertaking
089 Acceptance letter for Inter-Country adopters

Action: Adoption Social Worker

090 Inter-country adoption referee letter

Action: Adoption Manager

091 Acknowledgement of notification of intended non-agency adoption - replace

Action: Adoption Social Worker

092 Consent to references, Step-parent adoption

Action: Service Manager

093 Permission to advertise child