View the Medway SCB Procedures
View the Medway SCB Procedures
View the Medway SCB ProceduresView the Medway SCB Procedures

5.1.6 Other Local Authority Children in Care Placed in Medway


  1. Introduction
  2. Data Recording Process for Other Local Authority Children (LAC) in Care Placed in Medway
  3. Role of the LAC Health Co-ordinator

1. Introduction

Medway Council is committed to securing positive outcomes for all the young people placed within its boundaries by other local authorities. We will work in partnership to secure the safety and well- being of all Looked After young people, sharing information and raising concerns where necessary.

The Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (England) Regulations 2010 require authorities who are placing children outside of their authority to inform the local authority about the placement being made. 

2. Data Recording Process for Other Local Authority Children (LAC) in Care Placed in Medway

Notifications can be received from the Placing Authority or Independent Fostering Agencies IFA by post or email at

If a notification is received from someone other than the responsible local authority, they are to be contacted requesting they confirm the information. (Appendix 4 -5).

Information required on the notification is:

  • Child’s First Name and Surname;
  • Gender;
  • DOB;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Asylum Status;
  • Placement Address including Postcode;
  • Placement Type;
  • Carer’s Name;
  • Legal Status;
  • Placement Start Date;
  • Placing Authority;
  • Allocated Social Worker and Contact Details;
  • UPN;
  • NHS Number.

If any of the above is missing, this should be requested from the responsible local authority.

3. Role of the LAC Health Co-ordinator

The LAC Health Co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring:

  • Notifications from other local authorities about Looked After Children placed in Medway are recorded accurately and in a timely fashion;
  • Notifications are stored in Frameworki and registered as children and young people placed by another local authority;
  • Notification documents are uploaded into the system including carer’s contact details;
  • Data is shared with relevant agencies;
  • Notification to the Head of the Medway Virtual School;
  • Notification to the LAC team at Medway Hospital Trust.

3.1 Data Quality

Reports of all other local authority children in care Placed in Medway are run from Frameworki weekly by the LAC Health Co-ordinator. This process allows us to:

  • Identify those who have turned 18 years and end the referral;
  • Contact the responsible local authority to check that it was correct to do so;
  • Ensure all relevant agencies (Health, Education & YOT) are aware.

Records of children placed in Medway by other local authorities are sent to the relevant local authorities quarterly by LAC Health Co-ordinator to be checked and amended. If a response is not received within four weeks, a reminder will be sent.

If it appears that any local authority does not have any children placed in Medway, a letter will be sent informing them of how to notify of any future placements and requesting they send a nil return. (Appendix 10).

A request is also to be sent quarterly by LAC Health Co-ordinator to all IFAs requesting details of Medway children who are placed with their carers.

3.2 Sharing Data with Other Agencies

The data for children from other local authorities placed in Medway is shared weekly with the Designated Nurse for Looked After Children, the Virtual School Head and the Youth Offending Team

3.3 Email

The inbox ( is specifically for notifications from other local authorities which is a secure email address. This will be highlighted on the Medway Council website along with the notification form which should be completed.