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MedwayChildren's Services Procedures Manual



September 2020

CAPTION: September 2020
Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details

Child and Family Assessment

This chapter has been updated in line with the new digital referral system for reporting potential victims of Modern Slavery.

Unaccompanied Migrant Children and Child Victims of Trafficking and Modern Slavery

This chapter was updated in line with the new digital referral system for reporting potential victims of Modern Slavery.

Medway - A Guide to Managing Allegations against Foster Carers

This chapter has been updated. It relates to all concerns, complaints and allegations made against Medway Council foster carers or any foster carers residing within Medway who are managed by an independent fostering agency (IFA) or any other local authority. It should also be used in relation to historical concerns, complaints or allegations relating to current or ex carers. This guidance does not cover Private Fostering.

List of Agency Decision Makers, Designated Managers and Nominated Officers

This list of designated managers has been updated.

New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details

Capacity and Consent

In this chapter guidance is offered in relation to the various situations in which consent is likely to be sought, with reference to previous legal judgements.

Child and Family Assessment - Local Protocol

This local protocol has been added to the manual.

Transfer of Cases

These procedures set out ‘best practice’ principles and processes regarding case transfers.

Use of Social Media Sites by Social Care Staff

This chapter is designed to highlight some of the issues to be considered, with links to additional information. It is not intended to provide any legal advice, and legal advice must be sought as appropriate.

Storage of Data on Mobile Devices

This chapter provides guidance on the storage of personal data (including photographs) on mobile devices. 'Personal data' is any information about an identifiable living individual. 

Transition to Adulthood for Care Leavers in Medway - Leaving Care Financial Procedures

This policy outlines the arrangements that Medway Council has in place to meet their duties and responsibilities for young people in preparation for leaving care, and once they have left care.

Next Update: March 2021


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